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Roundtable Review – Live Episode 05

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Get ready to dive deep into the kaleidoscopic world of disc dyeing as the Dyers Guild hosts proudly present Roundtable Review LIVE Episode 5! 🌈✨

📅 Save the Date: Saturday, February 17th, at 8 p.m. Central Time

This is your chance to shine! Share your vibrant disc creations in the comments below and let the Dyers Guild hosts illuminate your artistry. We’re on a quest to uncover hidden gems and stir up some disc-dyeing magic that will leave you inspired!

Join us on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch for an unforgettable evening filled with reviews, critiques, and a sprinkle of shenanigans. Set your reminders, gather your fellow dye enthusiasts, and prepare for an epic celebration of the art of dyeing!

See you there, and let the colors unfold!

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46 Responses

    1. Thanks again for the discs, I have Vivi on the wall, Frog Knight is going to a friend. Maybe one day Ill be that good.

  1. I started dyeing recently. I got a message from Dave to check this place out here is my work so far please throw me some tips. Here are my first 4 dyes. I will add more on here as I finish them. Thank you

  2. This was done on a Discraft Big Z Nebula. The design was created using AI. The Background color as well as all of the shading and the spin on the rim was done using DA with PCAD dyes. I used lotion painting to get the golden base color for the Pangolin. (That’s what the animal is supposed to be lol)

  3. Patched together a couple AI images with Photoshop for this design. This is the 2nd disc I dyed it on. Originally designed to put a pyro, but a friend wanted it on his hex. One minor bleed, but I’m super happy with the way it came out.

    Wanted to thank Jory for all the tips on getting DA mixes more saturated. Idk if I’ll ever go back to acetone for shading now!

  4. Aka Blind Squirrel Dyes

    A burning Joker on a Jokerix. I did a lotion bed background and the punk joker skull and flaming edges were painted with lotion dye. The card was sponged with detergent dye mix.

  5. Meet Bryant. He once got Narcan’d when he fell out in a Walgreens. Turns out, he had OD’d on Fentanyl which resulted in brain damage, hence the eyes. He’s still a nice fellow, though.

  6. Here is my most recent stencil commission request. Deadpool on an old glow PD2. All hot dipped with PCAD.

  7. Had to post this as it is my favorite non-stencil dye that I have done to date. Glue masked by hand. Rainbow cells and black/white double lazy wave yin yang on a Gateway Warrior.

  8. Here’s my *cough* runner up disc *cough* (Congrats Jory! 😄)

    Though technically not a dye, I’d also love to get some feedback on the logo I designed and had some help from a graphic designer on the coloring.

  9. This one is from last summer and is still one of my favorites. I wasn’t planning on adding splatter, but I’m glad I did

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