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Disc Dyeing Made Easy!

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to the world of disc dyeing or a seasoned creative, we’re here to help, even if you’ve never done anything artistic in your life!

Unleash Your Creativity

All the Resources You Need, Right at Your Fingertips

Master Classes

Learn from the best dyers in the business to get inspired to create something you love

Free Tutorials

See curated content from other dyers to get your creative juices flowing

Original Content

Learn more about your favorite disc dyer or get scientific about specifying dyeing methods

Dyeing Supplies

Get exactly everything you need to get started without the hassle of figuring out what works.

Sell Your Product

Easily sell your creativity directly to your target market of a growing audience of disc golfers


Discover the perfect dye-to-disc collaboration on our dedicated classified section.

Online Community

You’ll get exclusive access to expert disc dyers to help guide you on your journey.

Dye Events

We understand the importance of local collaborations and meeting inperson

Swaps & Challenges

Participate in monthly dyeing challenges or disc swaps with other guild members.