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Partner with the Dyers Guild

Partnering with the Disc Golf Dyers Guild can be highly beneficial for a disc dyer or disc golf shop, as it provides access to a passionate community of fellow dyers, opportunities for collaboration and sharing of techniques, and potential exposure to a wider customer base through the Guild’s events, promotional activities and dye supplies.

Become a Certified Instructor

Become a certified disc dyeing instructor through the Dyers Guild comprehensive training program, receiving expert guidance, a thorough curriculum, hands-on experience, and an instructor toolkit to gain recognition as an authority in teaching disc dyeing techniques.

Official Partner Program

Ready to elevate your business? Apply now to become an official Disc Golf Dyers Guild partner. Our partners include talented disc dyers and reputable disc golf retail stores looking to grow their businesses and connect with passionate enthusiasts.

Advertise With Us

Unlock Premium Advertising Space on our Website, Podcast, Videos, and More – Connect with a Passionate Community of Disc Dyeing Enthusiasts and Elevate Your Brand to New Heights!

Affiliate Program

The Disc Golf Dyers Guild affiliate program allows disc dyer enthusiasts and businesses to promote and sell our premium products, earning a commission on every sale they refer through their unique affiliate link.