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Pro Chemical & Dye – 1 tsp Sample Packs


Discover the vibrant world of Pro Chemical & Dye colors with our convenient 1 tsp sample packs. Unsure about a color? Now you can explore without commitment to a larger jar. Try out different shades and find your perfect match hassle-free.

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Neon Lemon Zest DGD101, Dandelion DGD109, Bright Yellow DGD118, Sun Yellow DGD120, Buttercup DGD125, Deep Orange DGD200, Neon Hot Orange DGD201, Creamsicle DGD205, Clear Orange DGD225, Fluorescent Pink DGD301, Cherry DGD310, Fuchsia DGD333, Wineberry DGD337, Flame Scarlet DGD350, Pinkish Red DGD360, Radical Red DGD363, Fire Red DGD365, Blood Red DGD378, Neon Cerise Pink DGD388, Shark Blue DGD400, Caribbean DGD401, Aqua DGD403, Sonic Blue DGD405, Royal DGD408, Navy DGD409, Sky Blue DGD411, Pale Turquoise DGD415, Flag Blue DGD457, Bright Blue DGD459, Teal Blue DGD488, Espresso Bean DGD500, Chocolate DGD501, Burnt Sienna DGD510, Dark Dungeon DGD600, Light Gray DGD606, Onyx DGD608, Cool Black DGD650, Neon Key Lime DGD700, Evergreen DGD707, Shamrock DGD713, Meadow DGD770, Fern DGD771, Aquatic Green DGD772, Lavender DGD800, Concord DGD803, Iris DGD880, Orchid DGD881, Pansy DGD882, Lilac DGD885, Neon Royal Purple DGD888