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Roundtable Review – Live Episode 06

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In honor of Women’s History Month, The Dyers Guild proudly presents an extraordinary event celebrating the talent of women disc dyers everywhere: The Roundtable Review, featuring an all-woman panel.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 16th at 8pm CST.

We invite everyone to showcase their dyed discs, but we’re particularly excited to see the vibrant creations from our female artists. Share your stunning disc submissions in the comments below and let’s revel in the art of dyeing together. Prepare for a night of uncovering hidden gems and conjuring disc-dyeing magic!

Set your reminders and join us on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch for an evening you won’t soon forget. Expect insightful reviews, constructive critiques, and a healthy dose of fun. Don’t miss this historic event—the first-ever all-woman panel—on Roundtable Review Live Episode 6. It’s sure to be an epic gathering! See you there!

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46 Responses

  1. Nothing too crazy on these just a couple hot dip stencils. I feel like the dye fits the theme this month so had to share.

  2. A little trash panda stained glass on a Trash Panda Ice Inner Core. Lots of steps on this one. Multiple hot dips at various times to get different shades of black/grey, glue mask, different glue beds with glue masking between each, hand painting, and lotion painting.

  3. Since one of my favorite female dyers loves mushrooms and getting weird! Here is my most recent shroomy!
    It was hard to capture the detail in the pipes unfortunately. Layers of gun metal, dandelion, rit tan, key lime, and then sponged over with black lotion.

  4. This is my first stained glass style dye. Super happy with how it turned out. The disc was a gift from a client and it was awesome to dye something for my bag! I used DA for the stencil and painted the colours in with lotion. This is on a Discmania Mind Stone.

    1. The design was made using an image of Juliana Korver taking a drive during a tournament in 1999. The year she won the first ever US Women’s Championship.

  5. When I get the time…I really enjoy the number of small sessions it takes to make something awesome. Did this for a couple with a new baby…they want me to make a new Pokemon disc every year for their little ones birthday so when he’s big enough to play he’s got a solid starter bag with some “dope” discs!

  6. My fiancée asked me to dye her glow Proxy, so I delivered with the most serene proxy I could imagine on glow. I cant wait to do more because I LOVE working with pink.

    Process: A little stamp wipe on some words, contact paper masking on the center, glue bed under heat lamp for 18 hrs, lotion paint on the flowers. Cheers! ✌️

  7. @EnchanteRising Here are my all time favorite Dyes, I’ve completed. I use worm dye with paint brushes and airbrush to accomplish my style.

  8. A few recent dyes that I’ve done, always love doing the lava/fire motif as well is hitting those vibrant “can’t lose me if you tried” colours.

  9. I’m only 4 month into dying, but fell in love with it. Here are a few of what I think are my best ❤️ happy dying ladies

  10. Had this in my stencil file for a while and finally got around to putting in on a disc. DA for the stencil. Floetrol cell for the background and lotion for everything else. On a latitude River. Also included a UV photo.

  11. This was my first attempt at shading. For the skull I lotion painted with Caribbean blue, then shaded with a Denatured bright blue mix, and a sonic blue acetone mix. Shoutout fo Jory and smintini for the help on this!

  12. Been so busy playing with stencils I haven’t been keeping up with my glue, spin, and floetrol experiments!

  13. Hi! Sorry for late submission!! Thanks for doing what you all do to bring so much awareness to our Dyer’s community!! ❤️

    I started dyeing in September of 2022, then started my business in January of 2023. I love allll the styles and try to do as many as possible. (I get bored doing same style over and over😂). Thanks again!

  14. Just a couple I have done… still feeling things out. Looking forward to seeing and hearing from the ladies this month! Such amazing work out there!

  15. This was a fun Mewtwo dye I did recently – my first time attempting Object Source Lighting in addition to shading to really bring things to life.

    Stencil was hot dipped black then a glue bed for the background. Acetone and DA for the glowing energy balls and DA for Mewtwo – all PCAD colors.

  16. Another fun stencil – Mario and some mushies! Hot dipped the stencil, glue bed for the background, and a mixture of lotion and DA for color.

    Nothing super fancy but continuing to develop my highlighting and shading. left things somewhat cartoonish for the old school Nintendo vibes!

  17. Last but not least some fun art for a local fundraiser tournament!

    The stencil was hot dipped black and the rest of the disc was painted with DA and Acetone.

    First time really working a multicolor gradient with DA and I absolutely love how the sunset turned out. Also got to practice some more shading and object source lighting around the UFO’s tractor beam. Has some fun UV action going for it too!

  18. Some glue bed pull experiments.

    (I apologize if this is a duplicate, my computer is being sketchy about uploading)

  19. This is a portrait (still in progress) of a woman who has been massively influential to me artistically. Her name is Monique Lily and she is from Holland. She is a canvas and body painter and she practices several modalities of healing work. I’ve never met her in person, but I feel deeply connected to her.

    Give her a follow on Instagram so experience her wonder!


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