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Roundtable Review – Live Episode 08

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🌷 Disc Dyers, it’s time to spring into action! 🌼

The Roundtable Review is back for another bloomin’ good episode on May 25th at 8pm CST. Our hosts will be dyeing to review all the vibrant, disc-o-licious creations you’ve been hard at work on.

If you want your dyed discs to take center stage, don’t be shy – make sure to submit them through our website. Who knows, your disc might just become the center of pollination this spring!

Puns aside, this is an unmissable opportunity to have your skills critiqued by the pros and gain some invaluable tips to make your dyes pop like May flowers.

So mark your calendars, and we’ll see you on the 25th for a truly blossoming good time! 💐

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6 Responses

  1. Combination of sponge, hot dip, lotion painting, and spin work. Fun one i came up with a person’s birthday combining a couple different designs into one.

  2. Double sided dye. Blink 182 cd cover on the front. Cd on the back.

    The black is painted DA and everything else is lotion.

    Colors used are Cherry, Aqua Green, black mix, poly brown and light gray.

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