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Gauging Discs & Offering Guidance

Welcome to the Roundtable Review, a monthly live stream presented by the Disc Golf Dyers Guild. Join our panel of celebrity disc dyers as they review and critique the latest submissions from talented dyers around the world.

Each month, dyers who summit their work as a comment on the episodes post, will have a chance to have their work evaluated by our experts. The panel will offer their thoughts on design, execution, and overall creativity of each submission, providing feedback that will help dyers improve their craft.

As the live stream unfolds, viewers will be able to take place in an engaging discussion of the submitted discs, as well as receive creative insights into the processes used by some of the world’s top disc dyers. The panel will also share their own techniques and tips, giving aspiring dyers a chance to learn from the best.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of disc dyeing, Roundtable Review is the perfect opportunity to get inspired, learn new techniques, and get expert feedback on your work. So tune in each month to see what the Disc Golf Dyers Guild has in store for you!

Roundtable Review

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