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What Cases Should the Dyetectives Crack?

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Alternatives to hot dipping for full saturation blacks.Not everyone wants to be heating up dye mixtures and be breathing in whatever it off-gasses. What is the best alternative to hot dipping to get full saturation black? Lotion, detergent, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Heat lamp, damp environment for lotion etc.Chris Dulsky (coolcatdyes)
Does iDye Poly Color Intensifier added into a mixture do anything?Sometimes we see secret blends using a few drops or a squirt of the iDye Poly Color Intensifier. Does this actually do anything in terms of intensifying or saturation of color? Test a few different colors and mediums.Chris Dulsky (coolcatdyes)
What is the best dye-neutral thickening agent?If you need to make a mixture thicker and more viscous, what should you add in to achieve that and maintain saturation? Glue, Corn Starch, Flour, Gelatin? Who knows!?Chris Dulsky (coolcatdyes)
Are we using too much dye powder?What is the minimum amount of dye we can use to achieve full saturation over a period of time? Lotion vs Alcohol vs Acetone vs FloetrolChris Dulsky (coolcatdyes)
The battle of the blacks! Onyx vs. dark dungeon vs. idye polyDifferent dye methods per black- glue bed, floetrol bed, spin dyesJillian Carpenter
Heated vs. nonheated glue beds- does heating the glue affect the outcome of the dye? I’ve heard you lose “swirls\/definition” in the final productDifferent plasticsJillian Carpenter
Which colours do not work effectively in glue beds, but perform excellently in Floetrol or lotion beds? Vis-versa.Consistent mixes for each colour tested.Peter Bonk
Heating Disc Methods (Dehydrators, Ovens, HeatLamps General Sunlight)This could be a great scientific method of discovering different methods of heating discs and its effect on dyes, while also pointing out some serious safety concerns by ensuring dyers do not utilize the same pans, dishes, and appliances they use for food, pans and ovens especially.Timothy Lake (Tar Heel Custom Discs)
Does using silicone oil actually increase the amount of cells vs not using silicone oil? Are the cells more uniformed using silicone oil (not talking about chameleon cell dyes)?Is silicone actually needed? Uniformity.Jonathan Truesdail
The case of heat and time…How heat and time effect different plastics, saturation, and mediums.Miles Fuqua - Destructo Disc Dyes
glue beds- adding boiling hot water to prochem neon colors before adding acetone makes them more vibrantMaybe adding different amounts of water and using several different neonsJillian Carpenter
Rit synthetic is not as good as other dyes.I've seen a few artists get phenomenal results when using Rit synthetic, and their specific usages, methods and styles should be considered.Jeffery Brownlow
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