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Enrich Yourself
and Others

Spark creativity and empower like-minded individuals through your passion for disc dyeing by becoming an instructor.

Why Educate with Disc Golf Dyers Guild?

When you help others along their creative journey, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching with Disc Dyers Guild, you can grow your online following, give back, and earn money.

It's FREE!

Signing up to become an instructor on Disc Golf Dyers Guild is and shall always be free of charge.

Inspire the Next Generation

Teach what you know and help others explore their inner creativity, gain new skills, and empower them to experiment.

Teach Your Way

Publish the course you want in the way you want, with complete control over your content.

Get Back What You Put In

Expand your network, build expertise, and earn money on each paid course.

Set Your Price

Your experience is extremely valuable. Decide firsthand how much to charge for each course.

Get Paid

We will manage everything from charging the student to paying you what you have accumulated to your PayPal.

100% Flexible, No Obligations

Become your own boss. You decide your availability and how many courses you wish to create.

Get Noticed

Your profile as a teacher will gain a reputation with each review from your courses.

We Are Here to Help

By either helping to film your course or guiding you on how to get started, our team will be at your side every step of the way.

They Started Like You

How Teaching Works

Plan Your Curriculum

Start with your passion and knowledge. Incorporating your strengths into a promising disc dye topic is a great way to ensure your courses have the most to offer. However, the way you teach and what you bring to the table is wholly up to you.

Create Your First Course

Use basic tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera. Add a good microphone, and you’re ready to start. Our support team is available to help you throughout the process and provide feedback on any part of the course material.

Launch Your Course

Gather your first ratings and reviews by promoting your course through social media and other networks. Your course will be discoverable in our marketplace, where you earn revenue from each paid enrollment.

Turn Key Courses

Reduce the frustration and barrier to entry by providing your students with everything they need to follow along with your course.

Course Specific Dye Kits

Disc Golf Dyers Guild will work with you and assemble a dye kit specific to your course. We will source and provide dyeing materials like dyes, discs, and accessories.

Earn Extra

For every kit sold that is part of your course, you’ll get a commission. By default, the physical kits will be bundled with your course.

You Won’t Have to Do It Alone

Our Instructor Support Team is here to answer your questions and review any part of your course material. Plus, you’ll receive the additional support of experienced instructors in our online community.

Who can teach on Disc Golf Dyers Guild?

Instructors are working professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. As long as your class adheres to our Class Guidelines, it can be published on Disc Golf Dyers Guild at no cost.

Disc Golf Dyers Guild is an online learning community for courses related to disc dyeing, creativity, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and productivity. There’s a lot of room for unique and specific skills to be expressed within these topics, but some are off-limits.

Yes! We offer resources like the filming and production of your course(s), reviewing and part of your course material, and we’re also available for any questions at [email protected]

You can publish your class at any time through our course-creating tool. All new courses are reviewed by the Disc Golf Dyers Guild team to ensure they meet our guidelines.

Courses include a combination of video lessons and a project. All courses are pre-recorded and average 15-45 minutes in total length. The course project is a short assignment that helps members implement their new skills.

We believe in learning by doing. That’s why we highly recommend that every course has a hands-on project. Course projects ask students to use their learned skills to create something new that can be shared in a project gallery or on social media.

You’ll earn money through the number of courses you sell. You will decide what you want to earn per course.

Your course(s) will have a built-in audience from the start. We also have tons of tips to help you promote your class to your own community to help you maximize your success.

It costs money to run this site, and we want to provide a great experience and provide great content.

Courses: (the digital portion) 90% You / 10% DGDG
Course Kits: (the physical portion) 10% You / 90% DGDG