Testing to Find the Best Vinyl & Cut Settings for Stencils

Do you want to know the best brand of vinyl to use for stencils?

If you’re having difficulty getting detailed cuts with vinyl to use as a stencil in your disc dye, then this video is for you. I will be experimenting to find the best brand vinyl and the best settings to use on a Cricut Maker, so you don’t have to.

The three types of vinyl I’ll be testing are:
• Cricut Premiums Permanent Vinyl in gloss black
• Oracal 651 in gloss white
• Oracal 651 in matte black
• Oracal 651 in clear
• StarCraft HD in gloss white

The Cricut Maker settings I’ll be testing are:
• Vinyl – 107 cut pressure
• Premium Vinyl – 107 cut pressure
• Matte Vinyl – 134 cut pressure
• Stencil Vinyl – 110 cut pressure
• Glitter vinyl – 75 cut pressure
• Washi sheet – 85 cut pressure
• Laser copy paper – 126 cut pressure
• Everyday iron on – 118 cut pressure
• Transfer Sheet 116 x2 cut pressure

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