Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000


Introducing the Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000, the ultimate DIY tool for disc dyers who demand precision and professional results! This innovative device is designed to help you achieve perfect stencil alignment on your disc, capture your work with ease, and apply heat effectively for stunning disc dyeing projects.

The Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 is packed with features that will elevate your disc dyeing game to the next level. The built-in laser holder provides a reliable guide for precise stencil alignment, ensuring that your designs are centered and symmetrical every time. Say goodbye to uneven stencils and hello to flawless results!

Recording your disc dyeing process has never been simpler. The Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 includes a convenient phone mount that securely holds your phone, allowing you to record your work as you go. Share your progress on social media, create instructional videos, or simply document your creative journey – the possibilities are endless!

Applying heat to your disc dyeing projects is crucial for achieving vibrant and durable designs. The Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 features a sturdy place to clamp your heat lamp, ensuring that it is positioned at the optimal distance from your disc for maximum effectiveness. Say goodbye to uneven heat distribution and hello to professional-quality results!

Whether you’re a seasoned disc dyer or just starting out, the Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 is the ultimate tool for achieving precise stencil alignment, capturing your work, and applying heat effectively. With digital plans available for DIY enthusiasts or a convenient physical kit for those who prefer a ready-made option, this device offers versatility and convenience. Invest in the Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 today and take your disc dyeing to the next level!