How to make Rainbow Spectrum Cells

This video goes over one of my favorite styles, the rainbow spectrum over swipe over black, and a technique I use to get bigger cells in some of my dyes.

Lazy Wave Disc Dye Tutorial – Stacking method

I forgot to add this in the video but DEFINITELY make sure to thoroughly clean your disc first. I will eventually make a video on hear showing how, but essentially the best way is dawn dish soap and a magic eraser. Be careful scrubbing too hard around stamps to avoid any damage

Lotion Dye Mixing Tutorial

In this video I will outline how I mix my dyes specifically for the LazyWave and most of my other designs. This will be my first of many tutorial videos I hope to create. If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments. To see examples of my work the best place to look is on my instagram page.

Disc Dyeing Acceptability Chart​

The most popular question we get has to do with the dye acceptability of different disc plastics. This chart will help you determine which disc plastic takes dye well and which ones don’t. If something is missing, leave a comment!

Disc Dyeing Color Reference Chart

When working with white discs, it’s very easy to select good color dye combinations. However, white canvases are often harder to find in certain molds, and so we’re left to use off-white or colored discs. This in turn, can limit our colors due to the way that dyes blend on these colored discs. I’m gonna […]