PRO Chemical & Dye: DGD885 Lilac (1 tsp Sample Pack)


Introducing the PRO Chemical & Dye 1 tsp Sample Packs – your gateway to a world of vibrant colors without the commitment!

Are you someone who loves experimenting with dyes but hesitates to invest in larger containers? We’ve got you covered. With our specially curated 1 tsp Sample Packs, you can now explore an array of stunning shades without worrying about wasting your hard-earned money on colors you may not love.

Each sample pack is meticulously hand packed and approved by PRO Chemical & Dye, a trusted name in the industry, ensuring exceptional quality and consistent results. These conveniently sized 1 tsp packets contain just the right amount of dye to bring your creative visions to life.

Discover the joy of limitless creativity with minimal investment!

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