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Revolutionize Your Disc Dyeing Game With This Ultimate DIY Tool for Disc Golf Artists!

Are you tired of crooked stencils and lackluster disc dyeing results? Say hello to the Disc Dyers Laser Align Pro 3000 – the ultimate DIY tool that will transform your disc golf artistry game! With its laser-guided stencil alignment, secure phone mount for recording your work, and convenient heat lamp clamp, this PVC masterpiece is a must-have for any serious disc golfer who wants to take their disc dyeing skills to new heights.

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Dyers Guild

Disc Dyeing Acceptability Chart​

The most popular question we get has to do with the dye acceptability of different disc plastics. This chart will help you determine which disc plastic takes dye well and which ones don’t. If something is missing, leave a comment!

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